You can tell rubber gloves by burning them

when washing, many people are used to wearing a pair of rubber gloves to protect their hands. Recently, a netizen microblog revealed that many rubber gloves are not made of natural rubber, which will release carcinogens after long-term use. Some media put forward: to verify whether rubber gloves are natural, you can know when you burn them. 1f the gloves smoke heavily and produce a lot of particles after burning, they are inferior gloves mixed with recycled waste. Can you tell rubber gloves by burning them? 1s this method reliable? The reporter conducted an experiment

experimental materials

A, B, C and D pairs of rubber gloves, lighters and scissors bought randomly from farmers’ markets and supermarkets

experimental purpose

whether burning can really identify the quality of rubber gloves

experimental steps

1. After unpacking, use scissors to cut a small piece of rubber samples from four pairs of rubber gloves, arrange them according to the price, and ignite four pairs of rubber gloves

th2.7 yuan glove a is bought from the farmer’s market. 1t burns quickly when it touches a fire, emits black smoke and gives off a pungent smell. There are combustion residues dripping down, and finally forms a granular solid; After ignition, the situation of 12 yuan glove B is the same as glove a: it burns rapidly, emits thick smoke and leaves a lot of particles; The situation of brand rubber gloves C purchased from large supermarkets is still the same as that of the first two pairs of gloves in case of fire; After lighting the 20 yuan glove D, the reporter found that the most expensive pair of gloves also burns very fast, and a large number of black smoke is generated in the process of combustion, leaving black colloidal residue

experimental conclusion

the four pairs of gloves, regardless of brand and price, have the same burning state: they burn rapidly, emit thick smoke and leave a lot of particles< According to experts, it’s impossible to tell the quality of rubber gloves when you burn them. “pure rubber burns more evenly, and the smoke is not so big. 1f you add recycled materials or other things, the molecular weight will be smaller, and it may volatilize before it’s finished burning, and the smoke will be larger.” 1ndustry insiders said that according to the burning situation of the four pairs of gloves, recycled materials should be added, but this does not mean that these gloves are inferior. The reporter learned that in the production of rubber products, the state allows and encourages the addition of safe and harmless recycled materials, which is the recycling of energy it is understood that it is impossible to judge whether rubber gloves are safe and hygienic by “burning”, but it depends on whether the recycled materials used for reproduction are non-toxic and harmless” 1n the production of energy regeneration rubber gloves, the main process is to crush the recycled materials, which is difficult to kill the bacteria. 1f we use inferior materials such as medical waste gloves carrying viruses and bacteria to make rubber gloves, and wear such gloves to wash dishes and cook, the potential threat to human body is great. “ copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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