You must have never seen such a comprehensive isolation “smog protective clothing”

Every haze day, everyone is always fully armed with masks and scarves, but they are still not at ease. So there is no “haze shield” in existence? Recently, researchers from Jiangsu Normal University have developed a new set of equipment: “haze protective clothing”

this is the “haze protective clothing” developed by researchers of Jiangsu Normal University. From the appearance point of view, this set of “equipment” is divided into hat and jacket, light and easy to carry, but there are many mysteries in it. 1n this set of equipment, there is a special mask, which is developed according to the adsorption performance of PM2.5 for haze particles. The carbon film inside the mask has tiny pores, so the air can freely enter and leave, so that even wearing the mask will not feel stuffy. At the same time, in order to increase the humidity and comfort of the internal environment, the anti haze hat also specially adds waterproof pockets

on the other part of the protective clothing: the anti haze jacket, there is a humidity sensor for PM2.5, and a fan to adjust the humidity, temperature and air permeability inside the clothing, so that it can be connected with the solar silicon panel for automatic power supply

members of the research group have also independently developed an app software, which can help to analyze their current physical state by inputting relevant haze values and other data. At present, both haze proof hat and haze proof jacket have obtained national patents, and the patent right of haze proof hat has been successfully transferred by 5 million yuan. Then the relevant manufacturers will carry out mass production

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