you Nai Baozhong is honored! 1t’s really amazing this time~

Recently, the patented product of Shandong Xingyu gloves Co., Ltd., “unibal” won the 5A product certification and the award: it has passed the authorization certification of Oeko tex Standard 100, the most authoritative and influential textile eco label in the world

Oeko-Tex ? The standard 100 was developed by heinstein Research 1nstitute of Germany and Austrian Textile Research 1nstitute. According to the latest scientific knowledge, the content of harmful substances in yarn, fiber and all kinds of textiles is limited. Oeko-Tex labels are only allowed to be used on their products by manufacturers who provide provable quality assurance in accordance with strict testing and inspection procedures. Among the required testing standards, some have far exceeded the statutory requirements. Therefore, for consumers, this standard ensures the safety of purchasing textiles to the greatest extent

today, consumers are most worried about life safety. Unqualified labor protection gloves, even toxic and harmful products, seriously damage the health and safety of consumers. Ueko tex Standard 100 label certification will eliminate consumers’ safety concerns and provide health, ecological and safety labor protection products

it is reported that the products with Oeko tex Standard 100 label have been tested and certified by well-known textile certification institutions (all affiliated to the international environmental Textile Association) in 15 countries around the world. Oeko tex Standard 100 label products provide the guarantee of product ecological safety ? Certificate is a global effective golden key for enterprises to enter the world market, which also means that the products of Xingyu gloves have been recognized in the international market

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