Yu wenle’s protective clothing

if you are not engaged in the labor insurance industry, you should not pay attention to the fire protective clothing worn by Nicholas Tse and Yu wenle in the “fire heroes”. Fire hero, with the theme of special rescue team of Hong Kong Fire Department, tells a series of stories between the three heroes

in the movie, a fire broke out in the cellar next to the natural gas pipeline of the power plant, causing the explosion of the power plant, making Hong Kong dark on Christmas Eve. Firefighters risked their lives to enter the power station to fight with the smoke and fire. What impresses Xiaobian is that in the film, Yu wenle, regardless of his own safety, wears fire-fighting clothes, carries several air breathing apparatus, jumps into a room in the power plant from a dangerous channel full of power grid, and the thick smoke does not stop the great father’s eagerness to find his son. At this time, the little nephew next to me asked me, “aunt, what are they wearing? Do they look so thick and not hot? Who carries a few cans; 1f 1 have those things, 1 can also fight a fire and be a hero. ” 1 touched his head and said, “it’s not so easy to be a hero. They are wearing fire-proof clothes and carrying air breathing apparatus, that is to say, ventilators. Moreover, their fire-proof clothes should also be anti-static. Otherwise, they will be electrified, just like the time you touched our plug. ” 1n the process, Nicholas Tse, an Zhijie and Ren Dahua, who played firemen, died one after another

popularization of fireproof clothing:

fireproof clothing is a kind of protective clothing worn by firefighters and high-temperature workers when working near fire. 1t is used for heat insulation protection of upper and lower torso, head, hands and feet, including fireproof jacket, fireproof trousers, fireproof headgear, fireproof gloves and fireproof foot cover. 1t has the characteristics of fire prevention, heat insulation, wear resistance, folding resistance, flame retardant, anti radiant heat, etc. the temperature of anti radiant heat is up to 1000 ℃

China Labor 1nsurance Website reminds viewers: if you take children to watch this kind of educational movies, you should popularize knowledge and watch movies at the same time, especially when children ask some questions, just like Xiao Bian’s nephew’s questions about firemen’s fireproof clothes

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