zero tolerance for counterfeit labor protection articles

1n order to further standardize and rectify the market order of fire protection products, ensure the quality, safety and reliability of fire protection products, and improve the level of social and public security, the special rectification activities of fire protection products are carried out within the whole region to effectively eliminate potential safety hazards from the source. ??

in order to ensure that this activity is standardized and orderly, the fire department attaches great importance to it. A special meeting was held to arrange and deploy the special rectification work. The meeting called for actively carrying out the special rectification activities of fire protection products in the whole region, taking strengthening the investigation of fire protection products as an important part of fire prevention work, and resolutely putting an end to the circulation and use of fake and inferior fire protection products in the market, Efforts should be made to improve the social fire safety environment in the region, effectively protect the safety of people’s lives and property, and provide a strong guarantee for the construction of a safe Chaoyang

the threshold of labor protection products industry is low, and the workshop type enterprises still exist. Many enterprises have no safety management and safety measures, but they are producing labor protection products which are known as providing safety protection for workers. Netizens from the construction industry expressed their ardent hope for the labor protection products industry to us. He believes that the mobility of construction workers is relatively large. Most of the construction workers choose labor protection products by themselves, and their brand loyalty is not high. They all rely on their feelings and experience. When they think that is good, they will get used to using that brand. Labor protection products are still in the blue ocean market, and there is no big national brand. 1t is hoped that domestic labor insurance companies will seize the opportunity to become stronger and bigger; At the same time, netizens revealed to us that there are many labor protection shoes that are not nail proof, not electricity proof, poor environmental protection, and have a strong smell. 1t’s the same with gloves. 1n this regard, we said that we will work with the labor insurance enterprises to supervise and expose the behaviors and enterprises that produce fake and shoddy goods, so as to make the product circulation process more transparent and enable users to interact and communicate with producers in time, so as to promote the continuous optimization of products and provide more high-quality products for more workers

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