Zezhou power supply puts on three “safety helmets” for employees

Since the beginning of spring inspection this year, the State Grid Zezhou power supply company has closely focused on the working principle of “safety first and prevention first” and put three “safety helmets” on all employees based on safety production

put on the “safety helmet” of thinking, ask all staff to overcome the paralysis of thinking, sum up experience, draw lessons, and change their safety awareness from “1 want to be safe” to “1 want to be safe”. Make it clear that safety is the greatest benefit, and stress safety in everything and at all times, so as to make the alarm bell of safety production sound forever

put on the system “safety helmet” to ensure the effective implementation of the system. All staff are required to seriously study various rules and regulations, seriously implement the organizational and technical measures to ensure safety, and implement the safety responsibility to everyone. Everything should be well documented and well regulated. Safety work should be done from beginning to end, and it is forbidden to take things for granted based on experience

put on the action “safety helmet”, ensure “zero accident” with “zero violation”, strengthen the anti violation efforts, strengthen the staff’s professional skills training, do a good job in accident prediction, carry out risk point analysis, and formulate preventive measures. Combined with the actual work and work characteristics, the safety gate was moved forward, and the on-site safety supervision was strengthened to ensure the steady progress of spring inspection

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