Zhangjiakou three departments cooperate to check “military uniform”

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law enforcement officers check in the labor protection appliance store. Photo by song weigen

more than 100 pieces of fake military uniforms were detained in 4 military supplies stores

Zhangjiakou evening news in order to curb the illegal production, sales, wearing and use of military uniforms, on February 24, Zhangjiakou military sub district, Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, and Municipal Public Security Bureau joined hands to attract customers and customers in the main urban area with terms such as “military supplies, military uniforms, and military products” Labor protection stores suspected of selling military uniforms and imitations of military uniforms were raided. More than 100 imitations of military uniforms and military accessories suspected of illegal operation were seized, which effectively maintained the specificity and seriousness of military uniforms

of the 12 labor protection stores that were raided on the same day, 4 military supplies stores had unqualified fake military uniforms and military accessories, including more than 100 07 type inner cotton padded clothes, 07 type desert camouflage coat, 07 type desert training suit, 07 type armed police training suit and a military sighting mirror< 1t is reported that the regulations on the administration of military uniforms stipulates that those who illegally trade in military uniforms and special materials for military uniforms, or illegally produce or sell imitations of military uniforms, shall be subject to the confiscation of illegal articles and illegal income by the administrative department for 1ndustry and Commerce and a fine of not less than 10000 yuan but not more than 100000 yuan; 1f the amount of illegal business is huge, the business license shall be revoked; 1f a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law

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