Zhao Rui: suggestions on 1ssuing haze labor insurance and subsidies

Zhao Rui, member of the Yuxian CPPCC Committee, said: Recently, many areas of China are shrouded in severe haze, and some cities even have haze for several days, which has brought adverse effects on the lives of the broad masses of the people. The state also attaches great importance to the problem of haze pollution, and has issued a lot of governance plans and policies. However, haze pollution control is a long-term dynamic process, and serious haze may still appear again in the short term. Therefore, it is suggested that:

the state should consider formulating relevant policies on haze labor insurance and subsidies, especially for those who need to work outdoors for a long time, such as sanitation workers, construction workers, traffic police, etc., they should be given masks to protec2.5 μ m particles, and the mode of high temperature subsidies can be referred to, Haze subsidies are given to people working outdoors

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