Zhao Tiechui’s speech at the National Labor Protection Conference of trade union

Zhao Tiechui, director of the State Administration of coal mine safety

Augus2, 2006

distinguished comrades Wuqi, Chaoyun and Guoqiang, all representatives:

the national labor union labor protection work conference and the on-site meeting of small coal mine safety production was solemnly held in Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province today. This meeting will seriously study General Secretary Hu Jintao, the 1n the spirit of Premier Wen Jiabao’s important speech on work safety, he comprehensively implemented the policy of “safety first, prevention first and comprehensive management”, studied the labor protection work of trade unions under the new situation, actively mobilized the majority of workers to participate in work safety, and commended the units that won the “National May 1 Labor Award” in the national “Ankang Cup” competition in 2005, And award certificates for these units. Therefore, it is of great significance. First of all, on behalf of the Party group of the State Administration of work safety, on behalf of the State Administration of coal mine safety and in my own name, 1 would like to extend my warm congratulations to the conference and the winners who have made outstanding contributions to the “Ankang Cup” competition< 1n recent years, trade union organizations at all levels have conscientiously implemented laws and regulations such as the trade union law and the work safety law, performed supervision functions in accordance with the law, and safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of workers' safety and health. Focusing on hot and difficult issues in work safety, they have actively adopted various channels such as people's congresses, governments, CPPCC committees and work safety committees at all levels, Efforts have been made to reflect the wishes and requirements of the broad masses of workers, and actively participate in the formulation and implementation of major decisions on work safety, which has played a positive role in promoting the stable improvement of the national work safety situation. 1 would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all levels of trade union organizations that have made positive contributions to work safety the following three points are for your reference. Finally, comrade Wuqi’s speech shall prevail< Since the beginning of this year, all regions and units have conscientiously implemented a series of instructions of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on work safety, vigorously publicized and implemented the guiding principle of "safe development", formulated safety plans, and implemented safety production control assessment indicators; We will carry out in-depth coal mine gas control and rectification and closure, guide coal mining enterprises to strengthen basic safety management, and do a good job in the investigation and rectification of major hidden dangers such as gas and water disasters; We will conscientiously implement the work safety license system for high-risk industries and promote special rectification in key industries; We should strengthen the legal construction of work safety, establish and improve the joint law enforcement mechanism, strengthen supervision and carry out inspection and supervision; We have studied, formulated and improved economic policies related to work safety, strengthened the guiding role of policies, and promoted the implementation of various work trade union organizations at all levels are an important force to carry out work safety. We have done a lot of fruitful work in publicizing the party’s and the state’s principles and policies on work safety, mobilizing and organizing workers and their families to do a good job in work safety, and safeguarding workers’ safety and health rights and interests. Since the second half of last year, the all China Federation of trade unions and the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau have made great progress in employing 100000 mass safety supervisors in coal mining enterprises, which has promoted the strengthening and improvement of safety production, especially coal mine safety work under the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, relying on the joint efforts of local governments at all levels, all relevant parties and enterprises, especially the broad masses of workers, the national production safety situation in the first half of this year continued to maintain the overall stable and improving development trend. According to the dispatching statistics, in the first half of the year, 330770 accidents of various types occurred nationwide, with 52425 deaths, a year-on-year decrease of 35327 and 6258, down 9.7% and 10.7% respectively. Among them, there were 53 major accidents in which more than 10 people died and 854 people died, with a year-on-year decrease of 5 and 455 people, 8.6% and 34.8% respectively. The safety production indicators of most industries have declined to varying degrees, including 210 coal mine accidents and 625 deaths, down by 13.0% and 22.4% respectively. 1n the first half of the year, 42.5% of the total number of deaths in all kinds of accidents in China accounted for the annual control assessment index, and all provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps completed the control index Guizhou provincial Party committee, provincial people’s Congress, provincial people’s government and Provincial Federation of trade unions attach great importance to work safety, especially in coal mines. 1n July, the provincial people’s Congress passed the “Regulations on work safety of Guizhou Province”, which incorporated the four indicators of work safety into the “Eleventh Five Year Plan” and passed the deliberation of the provincial people’s Congress. At the same time, a series of policies and measures have been introduced to strengthen the work of safety production, such as setting up a full-time deputy county (District, city) head in charge of safety in the main coal mining counties (districts, cities), taking safety production as the main index for the assessment and evaluation of the local government leadership, and allocating 30 million yuan for coal mine safety technical transformation (from 2005 to 2010), The Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau and Guizhou Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau have made great efforts and taken hard measures. The gas control steering group has continued for three years. On the basis of closing more than 300 small coal mines last year, 417 more will be closed this year. All these efforts have effectively promoted the safety production, especially the coal mine safety work. 1n the first half of this year, compared with the same period last year, the number of accidents in industrial, mining and commercial enterprises decreased by 81, and the number of deaths decreased by 86, by 19.7% and 15.4% respectively. The death rate of coal per million tons in the whole province averaged 7.9 last year, and dropped to 6.34 from January to June this year (of which, Liupanshui City dropped from 3.5 t2.47)< However, the current situation of work safety in China is still grim. First, there was a sharp rise in major accidents. 1n particular, in May, the number of major accidents and deaths in which 3-9 people died at one time increased by 23.5% and 30.3% respectively over the same period last year; The year-on-year increase in June was 10.1% and 7% respectively. Second, the total number of coal mine accidents increased for two consecutive months. The number of accidents and deaths increased by 27.8% and 11% respectively in May, and by 13.9% and 12.4% respectively in June. Third, accidents have rebounded in most industries recently. 5. 1n June and February, major accidents in non coal mines, fireworks, construction, fire, road traffic and water traffic all increased to varying degrees, and major accidents occurred in road traffic and civil explosive equipment. Although the situation has improved since July, the frequent occurrence of major accidents in most industries and fields has not been effectively curbed therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the extreme importance of doing a good job in production safety work, and earnestly enhance the sense of responsibility, urgency and mission. 1n accordance with the requirements of the work pattern of “unified leadership of the Party committee and the government, department supervision, enterprise responsibility and wide participation of the whole society”, we should rely on the people and the working class to establish a wide range of mass participation and supervision mechanism, We should give full play to the role of social supervision and public opinion supervision, and pay close attention to all kinds of work< 1n the face of the still severe situation of production safety, one of the most important tasks at present is to earnestly study and implement the important speeches of the general secretary and the prime minister, unify thoughts and actions into the spirit of the speech, and implement the spirit of the speech into all work of production safety, We should solve the practical problems in our work and create a new situation of work safety for our safety supervision system, we should take the opportunity of studying and implementing the spirit of the important speeches of the general secretary and the prime minister, adhere to the guiding principle of safety development to lead the work of safety production, implement the policy of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management”, and adhere to the principle of treating both the symptoms and the root causes, moving the pass forward, moving the focus down, managing hidden dangers, and preventing accidents. Do a good job in safety planning and promote the synchronous and coordinated development of safety production and economy and society; Carry out two key battles in depth, and comprehensively strengthen the work of coal mine safety production; We will effectively strengthen safety supervision over non coal mines, hazardous chemicals and fireworks; Do a good job in road traffic, fire control in public gathering places and other related industries; We should conscientiously implement the administrative license system for work safety and the “three Simultaneities” system, and raise the threshold of safety market access; We should conscientiously implement the amendment to the criminal law and strengthen the legal construction of production safety; Strengthen the emergency rescue work and improve the emergency handling ability of major accidents; Supervise and guide enterprises to implement the main responsibility of safety production, improve the internal safety supervision and management organization and working mechanism of enterprises, increase safety investment, manage major hidden dangers, do a good job in safety training for employees, and constantly improve the level of enterprise intrinsic safety, so as to lay a solid foundation for realizing the two phased goals of coal mine safety and the goal of safety production during the term of this government workers are the practitioners of safety production. 1n the work of production safety, we must fully rely on the masses of workers and give full play to their role as masters in preventing safety accidents. We should rely on the masses of workers to safeguard their legitimate rights and interestsã€?According to the law of work safety, employees have the right to know, criticize and report on work safety. Enterprises should make factory and mining affairs public in safety management; Have the right to refuse. 1n case of endangering safety, employees have the right to stop operation, take emergency measures and evacuate from the workplace. 1t is necessary to strengthen publicity and education, further enhance the safety awareness of employees, let employees master safety skills, enhance the ability of accident prevention and emergency response, and improve the ability of discovering hidden dangers, protecting themselves and protecting enterprises; 1t is necessary to give full play to the role of the masses of workers, summarize and popularize the experience and practices of Liaoning Fuxin Mining Group, Shanxi Datong Coal Mine Group, underground teams and groups, party, government, work and League working together to build a solid safety line of defense, and Pingdingshan of Henan Province to implement “three stationing” (stationing safety mine managers, technical mine managers and safety special commissioners), so as to promote enterprises to do a good job in safety production site management; Continue to carry out the work of special coal mine safety mass supervisors, fully rely on the masses of workers to do a good job of on-site supervision, stop the “three violations”, eliminate potential accidents and prevent safety accidents trade unions at all levels play an irreplaceable role in the supervision of production safety and safeguarding rightsã€?According to the production safety law, production safety must be supervised by the society and the masses. The supervision of trade union organization is the most important link of social supervision and mass supervision. We should give full play to the supervisory role of trade unions. 1n order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, trade union organizations should put the protection of life safety and health rights and interests in the first place. 1t is hoped that trade union cadres at all levels will have the courage to innovate and practice in the overall situation of safeguarding their rights, so as to inject new vitality into the work of labor protection. First, we hope to recognize the mission of the trade union in maintaining the safety and health of workers, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of doing a good job in the labor protection work of the trade union. Second, we hope to earnestly perform our duties and take safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of workers’ safety and health as an important task for trade unions to safeguard their rights; Take continuous improvement of working conditions, working environment and occupational health of employees as the main contents of supervision and inspection, focus on the on-site supervision of coal mine, non coal mine, construction, petrochemical, metallurgical and other accident prone industries and non-public enterprises, urge enterprises to strengthen the management of accident hidden dangers and occupational hazards, and control and reduce the occurrence of all kinds of casualty accidents. Third, we hope to strengthen enterprise management

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