Zhao Weidong of Shandong Safety Supervision Bureau: employees need to be equipped with occupational disease protection articles

Today is the national work safety publicity and consultation day. 1n the morning, Zhao Weidong, deputy director of Shandong Work Safety Supervision Bureau, visited the live broadcasting room of “sound of government and land” jointly built by qilu.com and Shandong Provincial government.com, and had an online exchange with the majority of netizens on work safety issues in Shandong Province

enterprise employees need to be equipped with occupational disease protective equipment

“occupational hazard” refers to the injury of dust and toxic gas to the personnel working in chemical enterprises and mining projects. 1n the live broadcast, the netizen “douzicon” asked, “what are the specific requirements of the safety supervision department for enterprise employees?” 1n response, deputy director Zhao Weidong replied, “in terms of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of workers (including migrant workers), there are clear provisions in the law on prevention and control of occupational diseases and other laws and regulations. To sum up, there are mainly four aspects.”

firstly, the employer should provide workers with occupational disease protection articles that meet the national occupational health standards; Second, when the employer and the laborer conclude the labor contract (including employment contract), they should inform the laborer of the possible occupational hazards and their consequences, and the occupational disease prevention measures, and the laborer has the right to refuse to engage in the operation with occupational hazards; Third, the employer should provide workers with pre job occupational health training and regular occupational health training during their on-the-job period; Fourth, for the workers who are engaged in the operations exposed to occupational hazards, the employing unit shall organize the occupational health examination before, during and after the work in accordance with the provisions of the work safety supervision and administration department and the administrative department of health under the State Council, and inform the workers in writing of the examination results

there are four ways to turn to the safety supervision department

“as ordinary people, under what circumstances can we turn to the safety supervision department?” For netizens’ questions, Zhao Weidong replied, “generally there are four kinds of situations that you can ask for help from the safety supervision department.”

they are: production safety accident; 1t is found that there is illegal command and operation around; Major potential safety hazards and illegal production, operation and construction activities are found; Find occupational hazards around

Zhao Weidong, deputy director, said, “if you have the above situation around you, it may endanger your personal life and health rights, you can timely call 12350 to report complaints or micro blog wechat and other channels, and report to the local safety supervision department for help.”

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