Zhejiang shoe enterprises: from order finding to order picking

five years ago, the European Union pulled down the anti-dumping tax, blocking orders from Chinese shoe companies flying to all parts of Europe

thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Commerce and Zhejiang shoe enterprises, the gate has finally been reopened. From this month, the European Union officially cancelled the high anti-dumping duty of 16.5% on Chinese leather shoes. Affected by this good news, many European leather shoes orders originally invested in Vietnam, 1ndonesia, Malaysia and 1ndia have recently transferred to Zhejiang shoe-making enterprises< However, in the face of orders flying like snowflakes, the mature Zhejiang shoe enterprises are not overjoyed. 1mprove product quality, refuse to fight price war again, value the gold content of orders - after five years of tempering, Zhejiang shoe enterprises are returning to the European market with a more mature attitude< Li Haiyong, logistics manager of Aokang import and export company, is very busy these two days. GEOX, Aokang's largest customer in the European Union, placed about 700000 pairs of orders to Aokang every year before, while the number of orders this year has doubled in addition to GEOX, sixty, camens, wartmnn and other brands from 1taly and Germany have also come to visit one after another, and “European orders” are flying like snowflakes” 1t used to be looking for orders everywhere. Now the main task is to pick orders. ” Li Haiyong said that Aokang exported about 2 million pairs of leather shoes last year. 1f we do not strictly select orders this year, the number of leather shoes exported will double. “1t is conservatively estimated that the number of leather shoes exported to Europe will increase by 20% this year.” the head of the foreign trade department of Kangnai Group Co., Ltd. also said that the number of visitors in Europe has increased by 20% – 30% compared with before. According to Xie Rongfang, Secretary General of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association, the export volume of Wenzhou leather shoes will grow steadily by 10% – 20%< 1n the "sensitive period", the centralized export should be avoided A person in charge of a shoe enterprise in Hangzhou suggested that if the products are exported in a short period of time, 1'm afraid the enterprise will fall into vicious competition, which is not conducive to the restart of the industry in the European market in response, Mr. Lu from the shoe making office of China Leather Association said that after the EU’s anti-dumping duty was suspended, a large number of orders for leather shoes from Europe would rush into the Chinese market, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of leather shoes products entering the EU market in April “enterprises must control the export quantity of leather shoes to the EU, extend the export period, and try to avoid centralized export from April to June 2011.” Mr. Lu reminds me< According to Wang Hailong, manager of Aokang shoe industry's publicity department, although the EU has cancelled the anti-dumping duty on shoes to China this time, the EU is also seeking new protective measures, so shoe enterprises should pay attention to it. At present, Aokang will also make some choices for orders coming from Europe, not all orders will be accepted. According to him, orders for leather shoes from European customers must meet the requirements of Aokang in terms of product price, style and brand strength before Aokang can take orders. Therefore, although a large number of European orders are flying to Aokang, the company has only received orders from several high-end customers such as wartmnn in Germany< According to Wu Sujuan, the foreign trade department of Kangnai Group Co., Ltd., Kangnai is also selective to order customers. The first is the quantity of orders, and the second is the environmental protection standard emphasized by EU REACH regulations Xie Rongfang, Secretary General of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association, reminded that enterprises should be prepared for the decision of EU rationally. On the other hand, the association also requires enterprises to improve the quality of their products, improve brand added value, and realize the steady growth of export volume and export price

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