Zhejiang Shuangfei launched the publicity of “safety belt life belt”

1n order to actively implement the Ministry of transport’s; Safety belt – life belt On March 10, the bus rental branch of Shuangfei company organized all drivers to watch the publicity and education film of “safety belt life belt”, so as to make the publicity and education go deep into every driver and driver, and guide them to consciously use the safety belt in the process of driving Wear seat belts

the film takes the use principle, positive and negative cases and research data of the safety belt as the main line, and illustrates the importance of the safety belt in simple terms: the safety belt can fix and buffer the inertia of the human body, and can effectively prevent direct and secondary injuries that endanger life, so the safety belt is also called “life belt”

after watching, drivers have a new understanding of the importance of seat belts. They have expressed that in their future work and life, they should improve their own security awareness, be responsible for their own and other people’s lives, consciously fasten their seat belts while driving and riding, and actively do a good job in supervising and educating other drivers and passengers, Work together to build a safety barrier for life

at the same time, the company requires every operating vehicle to install the safety belt and ensure that the safety belt is effective. 1n the process of operation, drivers are required to remind and check passengers to wear seat belts, further implement the safety notification system, take passengers’ use and wearing seat belts as one of the contents of safety notification, and make “cherish life, please fasten seat belts” become the safety symbol language and safety mantra

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