Zhejiang Tongxiang shoe material enterprise staff annual salary as high as 30000 yuan

recently, the voice of “labor shortage” is full of TV and 1nternet, which also indicates that China’s “demographic dividend” is facing recession. According to statistics, shoe-making enterprises are one of the hardest hit areas of this “labor shortage”. Compared with shoe-making enterprises, because of the relatively simple production process, the wages of employees in shoe-making enterprises have been on the low side. However, the author recently visited Tongxiang shoe-making enterprises and learned that the annual wages of workers this year have increased by 6000-7000 yuan compared with last year, and the annual wages of most workers last year were about 26000 yuan, 1t may exceed 30000 yuan this year< According to general manager Hu of Shunshida shoes, in order to maintain the stability of the staff, the company stipulates that those who have worked in the company for 10 years will receive a bonus of 10000 yuan at the end of the year. As the company has been operating the factory for a long time, the scale of the enterprise and the production situation are good, the workforce has been relatively stable for many years. At present, many workers in the factory have worked for 7-9 years. However, due to the emergence of many small factories in recent two years, they are digging and robbing workers everywhere, and the conditions they offer are very attractive. 1n large factories, there are many orders, business is good, and workers seldom have rest time. 1n small factories, due to the new opening, there are few orders, so the work is very easy, so workers are willing to work in small factories

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