Zhejiang Yiwu textile and garment export volume exceeds 900 million US dollars

according to the statistics of Yiwu inspection and Quarantine Bureau, from January to September this year, a total of 26913 batches of textile and clothing were exported in Yiwu, with a value of 942.2189 million US dollars, an increase of 29.57% and 32.66% respectively on a year-on-year basis, truly realizing the “double growth” of export quantity and value

affected by the domestic and foreign industry situation, Yiwu textile manufacturers have realized that the competitiveness of low-grade products is far less than before, and actively design and develop high-grade products, strive to improve product quality and enhance the added value of export products. Therefore, Yiwu inspection and Quarantine Bureau has taken a variety of measures to help enterprises improve product quality and enterprise management level. 1n order to meet the needs of the international market and improve the added value of products, the bureau is strengthening the inspection of safety, hygiene and anti fraud items of export textiles and clothing, strengthening the inspection of internal physical and chemical indicators, as well as the inspection of origin, ingredients and nursing instructions; We should actively study and track the development trend of foreign technical trade measures, take timely and effective countermeasures, and organize “technical regulations propaganda meeting of developing countries” and other activities to enable enterprises to directly understand the technical regulations of export destination countries and the characteristics of consumer market, so as to improve the ability of enterprises to deal with foreign green trade barriers; We should fully implement the classified management of enterprises, actively cultivate first-class and second-class enterprises, gradually change the inspection and supervision mode, transition from micro inspection to macro supervision, and strengthen the quality awareness and integrity awareness of enterprises; The training on technical regulations and standards of textiles and clothing at home and abroad should be carried out in an orderly manner to help enterprises adapt to the new technical requirements in the production of export textiles and clothing, improve the quality management level, and guide export textiles and clothing enterprises to realize the transformation from “winning by quantity” to “winning by quality”

Author: Zhao Haizhen

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