Zhengzhou labor protection products store found black heart cotton

With the advent of winter, cotton padded clothes and quilts have gradually become hot-selling products in the market, but there are also some illegal businesses who use the market demand to sell “black heart cotton” products to students, migrant workers and other vulnerable groups. 1n order to ensure the safety of cotton products market, recently, Minggong Road 1ndustrial and Commercial Office of Erqi District branch of Zhengzhou Administration for 1ndustry and Commerce dispatched 20 people to carry out special inspection on 15 labor protection stores within its jurisdiction

17 pieces of “black heart cotton” products were found, and most of them were sold to migrant workers

in the action, the main task was to check whether the business entities had complete licenses, whether the commodity purchase channels and purchase and sales records were complete, so as to prevent “three noes” and unqualified cotton products from entering the circulation field. The reporter accompanied the law enforcement officers to a labor protection shop on the second road and saw more than 10 people buying bedding at the door of a temporary steel plate room. There are many kinds of bedding in front of the store, including a kind of “quilt” without quilt cover. Open the corner of the quilt, the reporter saw in the middle of two layers of thin white cotton mixed with black gray rotten cotton wadding. After inspection, law enforcement officers found that more than 10 such quilts in the shop were all “black heart cotton” products

according to the owner of the store, this kind of quilt is sold by the salesman on the spot, and he doesn’t know the specific manufacturer, “a total of 20 pieces have been bought, and seven or eight pieces have been sold.”. The boss also said that the price of this kind of quilt is very low, 50 or 60 yuan, mainly sold to migrant workers, “they (migrant workers) do not require quality, as long as they can keep warm, too expensive to buy.”

“can this kind of black cotton keep warm? Migrant workers make do to live under the overpass. Don’t you sell such quilts to them? ” The boss was speechless when he was asked by law enforcement officers

in this inspection, the law enforcement officers found 17 suspected unqualified quilts in 3 quilts and cotton clothes stores. At present, law enforcement officers have temporarily detained all these unqualified “black heart cotton” products for further treatment< According to the introduction of law enforcement officers, "black heart cotton" is the common name of prohibited raw materials for wadding fiber products, including fiber industry waste, medical fiber waste, regenerated fibrous materials, waste clothing and other waste fiber products. The "black heart cotton" filled with industrial waste and medical waste can cause diarrhea and lung infection. Some fillings contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, which can easily cause tears and erythema after contacting with human body. 1n severe cases, they can also induce skin diseases or other infectious diseases. 1n addition, "black heart cotton" also contains Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and hemolytic streptococcus, some bacteria are "terrible killers" of antibiotics, and some bacteria may also lead to sepsis the law enforcement officers remind you that when you buy cotton wadding products, you can ask the merchants to provide the commodity certificate, and take one corner of the cotton wadding products apart to see the color of the filled cotton. 1f it is too white, it may be bleached. 1n addition, to see whether there are other cotton thread and other debris, “black heart cotton” generally a lot of debris. You can also identify “black heart cotton” by smelling and pulling, because after chemical bleaching and dyeing, “black heart cotton” smell is very pungent, and it will break when you pull it” The easiest way to tell is by fire” “Black heart cotton” is processed from industrial or medical waste cotton, so once burned, it will emit black smoke and give off a pungent smell, while the real cotton will eventually burn to ashes through full combustion copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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