Zhongan “fly now” starts haze city public welfare activities, and you may get free masks when you arrive in Beijing

(original title: Zhongan “fly now” starts a series of haze city public welfare activities, and you may get free masks when you arrive in Beijing)

industrial pollution, automobile exhaust, heating emissions… Lead to frequent winter haze weather. Haze is not only a health killer, but also a traffic killer. Once it encounters haze, the visibility becomes low, which easily leads to road traffic accidents and brings hidden dangers to people’s travel safety; Severe haze will affect the safety of aircraft take-off and landing, lead to flight delay and hinder the normal travel of “flying man”

since December, haze has continued to ravage Beijing, and PM2.5 concentrations at multiple monitoring points in the urban and southern suburbs have been “exploding” one after another. The public are worried that “this may be the most difficult month in Beijing this year”

taking into account that the arrival of Beijing arrived in the city may not carry a mask, as the air travel manager of the official account of the public security brigade, “fly immediately” (hereinafter referred to as “flying”), from December 5th to December 25th at BeiJing Capital Airport, launched a series of public welfare activities focusing on “fighting haze and relieving the trip”, and giving free 3M masks to the passengers who arrived in Beijing. Help prevent haze

during the event, all passengers arriving at Beijing Capital Airport only need to scan the code to pay attention to “fly now” and complete the collection of masks according to the instructions, then they can scan the code to the dispatchers at the domestic arrival points of T2 and T3 of Beijing Capital Airport to exchange the goods. 1t is understood that “fly now” will carry out this public welfare activity in more cities with frequent haze weather in the future to ensure the health of passengers

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