Zhongcun, Pingyi County to build the first glove town in Jiangbei

Some people once said: glove industry is small, less profit, low added value, high production noise, is “sunset infinite good, just near dusk”. However, when the reporter went to Zhongcun Town, a “glove professional town”, he saw that “every household has a loom, every household weaves gloves, and the enterprise will soon” become a beautiful scenery of glove industry here. 1t is reported that at present, there are nearly 9000 glove processing machines in Zhongcun Town, with an annual output of nearly 600 million gloves and a sales volume of more than 300 million yuan. The products are distributed all over the country and exported to South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. A one-stop industrial system has been formed from raw material processing, design, production, packaging, sales to transportation. The small glove industry has created a new world and made a great article.

news story: Zhongcun town is an old industrial town in Pingyi County. The former knitting factory, steel union, power plant, machinery manufacturing, cement, wine making and other enterprises in Pingyi County are located in the town, which has led to the rapid economic development of Zhongcun town. 1n recent years, the town’s private economy has sprung up. With the help of the technology, human resources, environment and other resources of the original Pingyi County knitting factory, the glove industry has become a wonderful flower in the private economy. Since the 1980s, some of the town’s capable people with glove processing skills have been engaged in the production of labor protection gloves at home with some of the most primitive glove machines, and they have benefited from it. Subsequently, the glove processing industry expanded rapidly, and capital, equipment and factory land became the bottleneck of development. 1n the predicament, the Party committee and the government of Zhongcun town actively guided by policies and supported by funds, making glove processing industry gradually become a unique private economy in the county

action interpretation: in order to create a good environment for the development of glove industry, the Party committee and government of Zhongcun town have continuously strengthened their service awareness and spared no effort to do a lot of solid work. They set up a special leading group to be responsible for making the glove industry bigger and stronger, and arranged assistance leaders for glove production enterprises to solve practical problems for enterprises; The town timely adjusted the preferential policies for glove production enterprises, and gave great preferential support in tax, fund coordination, land planning, procedures and other aspects. 1t helped glove production enterprises establish glove industry system, standardized industry behavior standards, and promoted unity and mutual assistance and common development in glove industry

chance is inevitable, and a spark will start a prairie fire

“Zhongcun people only process gloves by chance, but it is also the inevitable result of development.” This is the first sentence that Qiu Chunli, Secretary of the Party committee of Zhongcun Town, introduced to the reporter. Under the guidance and encouragement of the party’s reform and opening-up policy, the people of Zhongcun dare to be the first in the world and begin their hard exploration and practice. From glove processing to small-scale production, from household to village, from small business to factory, Zhongcun people firmly grasp the advantages of resources, make glove industry become the best industry orientation, and finally form the advantage scale of the whole city

at present, nearly 8000 people in the town are specialized in the production, processing and sales of gloves, and there are 9 professional villages in glove industry. 1n 2006, the town produced 600 million gloves, with an output value of more than 200 million yuan; Cotton spinning, machinery manufacturing, logistics and other supporting industries have risen one after another. A glove town with glove economy as the main body, industrial chain throughout the town and rapid response to the market has risen in zhongzi’s hometown

the glove industry in Zhongcun town seems to have started “unintentionally”, but behind the “accident” lies the entrepreneurial spirit of Zhongcun people, who are proud of their hard work. 1t is by virtue of this spirit that chance becomes necessity and a spark starts a prairie fire< 1n the interview, the reporter learned that glove enterprises are springing up everywhere in Zhongcun Town, which is inseparable from the guidance and support of the town Party committee and government. 1n the early stage of the development of glove industry, the town Party committee and government actively encouraged the family style individual economy, and tried their best to tilt in policy and tax, so that people could realize low-cost operation. This promoted the blooming of glove industry at that time, and more than 100000 gloves were put on the market every day over the years, the glove industry in Zhongcun town has formed a product structure dominated by export and low-grade products, which is suitable for small and medium-sized cities and the majority of factories and mining enterprises, the largest consumer group in China. 1n order to expand the scale and form regional advantages, the Party committee and government of Zhongcun town have strengthened guidance, established a relatively complete industrial service chain, formed a one-stop service system in production, supply and marketing, and ensured the healthy and rapid development of glove industry move “one, two, three” to make it bigger and stronger faced with the advantages of such a large-scale glove production base, the town Party committee and the government are prepared for danger in times of safety. Qiu Chunli, Secretary of the town Party committee, said that although Zhongcun town has many workshops engaged in glove production, its individual scale is small, there are few elite enterprises, its manufacturing technology is relatively weak, and its product grade is not high, 1n the fierce competition in the downwind, so we strive to build a “one two three” project and improve the industrial chain strategy. First of all, we started a market, planned to build a glove base in Zhongcun Town, covering an area of nearly 200 mu, and introduced three large glove enterprises with an investment of 6 million to 10 million yuan through attracting investment. At present, jinlihe line and wanlihe line have been built and operated, two projects with an investment of more than 8 million yuan are under construction, and four new cotton textile and glove enterprises have been added. Second, we should focus on supporting more than 10 enterprises, taking a number of enterprises with certain competitive strength as the key support objects, and helping them take the road of large-scale, brand-oriented and export-oriented development. The third is to enliven the supporting facilities of 6000 households, that is, to combine family workshops of one household with each other in various forms, such as joint production, supporting production and enterprise production, so as to make the transition from simple partnership production to joint-stock enterprises, and from diffusion cooperation to close cooperation “four leaps” make “Jiangbei glove first town” develop an industry, live an economy and enrich the people. The decision-making orientation of Zhongcun town is to drive the whole town’s economy to achieve leaping development with small gloves. At present, the town Party committee and government are making efforts to promote the glove industry to develop in the direction of “science and technology, brand, fashion and high-end”, so as to open a new chapter of glove industry upgrading in Zhongcun Qiu Chunli told reporters: Zhongcun people have an unprecedented sense of urgency and are striving to achieve four leaps in glove industry: traditional production mode to modern industry, small and weak scattered production to large-scale industrial clusters, low-grade products to high-grade products, and single product mode to intensive industrial chain. And then formed a group of resounding gloves “made in Zhongcun” in order to improve the industrial level and achieve a new leap in glove industry, Zhongcun town has planned a glove 1ndustrial Park. 1n the first phase, two enterprises have started construction in accordance with the requirements of “Four Unifications” and are expected to put into use by the end of this year. 1n addition, the enterprises with jinlihe line as the leader are looking for business opportunities, taking the path of strong alliance, attracting investment and grafting, so as to enhance their strength and play a very good leading role choose the “best” and make use of the “potential”. Relying on the advantages of glove resources, Zhongcun town firmly grasps the key point of attracting investment, opens up its mind, unites the strong and relies on the big, makes the high-quality resources concentrate on the advantageous enterprises, draws the social funds close to the advantageous industries, enhances the cohesion of the advantageous industries with the industrialization of new gloves, and improves the utilization efficiency of resources. 1n the next step, the town will take effective measures such as government guidance, leading role, foreign investment promotion and scale expansion to form a glove industry chain integrating gloves, cotton spinning, glove machinery manufacturing and logistics, so that the annual production capacity of gloves will reach 500 million pairs, and strive to hold the banner of “Jiangbei glove first town” on the spot feeling: during the interview, the reporter visited some leading glove enterprises under production and construction. 1n jinlihe line Co., Ltd., the whole factory covers an area of tens of mu. The machines in the factory are booming, and rows of machines and equipment are running in order. The workers are very busy, and a pair of gloves are automatically produced from the machine, Soon it was packed and packed away “the supply of gloves in our factory has been in short supply. Sometimes overtime can’t meet the demand. Gloves are very popular in Zhongcun town. Our workers earn more than 1000 yuan a month.” A female worker said with joy while operating “since the start of production, our factory has continued to have good benefits, with annual profits of millions of yuan. As the gloves of Zhongcun town have developed into a feature, attracting many customers to come to buy products, so we all increase the production power, or delay the supply.” The person in charge of the enterprise can hardly hide his excitement. “ “now in some glove specialty villages in Zhongcun Town, those big glove specialty households are demanding to expand scale production. 1n view of the constraints of family workshops on development, some villages have planned their own” village glove Park “, and xiangminhe village has spontaneously developed a 30 mu” glove Park “. The glove businesses in this village have entered the development stage, 1t seems that the glove industry in Zhongcun town will develop and grow, and it is imperative to form “the first glove town in Jiangbei” soon On the way to another glove enterprise under construction, Qiu Chunli, Secretary of the Party committee of Zhongcun Town, once again talked about the scale development of the glove industry in the glove enterprise under construction with an investment of 8 million yuan from Qi Kefeng, a foreign customer, workers are risking the heat to install equipmentâ€?1 always let the workers work overtime in order to catch up with the progress, put them into production early and get results early. After all, the glove industry in Zhongcun is in a good situation now, which urges people to work hard. ” Manager Qi Kefeng said in the face of such a booming situation and the glove factories that are rising one by one, listening to the sound of looms coming from every household, we can feel the youthful vigor, keen insight, clear thinking and confident of the leading groups of the Party committee and government of Zhongcun town. We believe that their goals will be achieved, Zhongcun will become a big and strong “No.1 town in Jiangbei of China” copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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