Zhongli: the sole of outdoor shoes should be “refined”

Company Profile: as a leading brand of outdoor sole, every pair of outdoor sole produced by Zhongli is a work of art, with almost perfect materials and styles. The company specializes in opening models for Taiwan enterprises, cooperates with DuPont and Mitsui to try out new raw materials, and cooperates with famous universities in Taiwan to set up R & D centers. Zhongli invests nearly 20 million yuan in R & D every year, and also invests a lot in quality testing, function testing, R & D research and training of new products. For this reason, Zhongli has focused on the outdoor sole industry for more than ten years, realizing specialization and refinement, Strive to cultivate Zhongli as a brand supplier of domestic outdoor bottoms

Customer Evaluation: oil resistant, anti-skid, anti-static, anti high voltage… 1n addition to meeting the needs of various outdoor sports, this sole can also be used as an outdoor safety shoe. The cooperative customers of Zhongli sole list these functions and uses. The multifunctional outdoor sole is the symbol of Zhongli brand

“you can modify it a little bit here, slightly widen it by 0.5cm, and make the last wider, so that the foot will feel more comfortable.” Ding Minghui, general manager of Jinjiang Zhongli shoe material Co., Ltd., is holding a discussion with the technical personnel about the new mould. 1n his opinion, with the development of outdoor products industry, rubber soles with high wear resistance and other excellent characteristics are an extremely important part of outdoor sports shoes, and an indispensable element to realize multiple functions of outdoor sports shoes. At present, its demand has developed from multi-function to more emphasis on comfort and environmental protection experience

in addition to realizing multi-function, the last design is the first step in the sole design. 1n order to make every pair of outdoor sole better, the R & D team of Zhongli has always insisted on cooperating with Taiwan enterprises to develop the last type of sole. The annual mold development cost is more than 10 million yuan, which is twice as high as the ordinary mold. Mold is a pair of shoe sole blank. Only excellent blank mold can fully show the strong curve beauty and rich functionality of professional outdoor sole. This does not include the annual sample fee of more than 3 million yuan, as well as a lot of investment in new product quality testing, function testing, R & D research and training

in addition, in terms of new product development, Zhongli R & D team should not only consider the application of new functional raw materials, the design of new formula, the environmental protection and innovation of processing technology, the functionality of new patterns and shapes, but also consider whether the soles can meet the functional and fashion needs of different outdoor shoes Durability and price are also important considerations. Ding Minghui said frankly that Zhongli has considered the dozens of processes from last to factory inspection. 1n fact, sole making is just like cooking. Raw materials are important, seasoning is more important, and collocation should be grasped. Every detail of each process has achieved the good quality of each pair of sole

“at present, the basic functions in the market are integrated into the soles. For example, for all kinds of functional outdoor soles, we need to add rubber components into the soles formula, so that the rubber can become a conductor and lead electricity out like a ground wire. 1n terms of materials, outdoor shoes often have some special requirements, such as anti-skid, oil resistance, anti-static or anti-high voltage, and to meet these special requirements, it depends on the sole materials. ” Wang Qinmu, deputy general manager of Zhongli shoe material Co., Ltd., said, “ordinary EVA main formula may not meet these requirements, so we need to constantly adjust the formula and improve the defects of materials.”

to this end, through cooperation with DuPont and Mitsui of Japan, China and Libya have searched for the latest materials in the world, and have equipped special personnel to develop materials to try out these new materials” With some basic formulas, we can develop different categories of outdoor sole, and test different categories and special materials, so as to provide stable raw materials for research and development of subdivided categories. ” Wang Qinmu said

since its establishment, Zhongli has focused on the research and development and production of outdoor soles, and the multi-functional outdoor soles have become the professional image of Zhongli sole brand. Ding Minghui said that Zhongli will focus on the field of outdoor sole, achieve specialization and refinement, and strive to cultivate Zhongli into a domestic outdoor sole brand supplier and become an expert in this field

recommended by the boss: the outdoor sole with anti-skid buckle is composed of ultra-thin pebas sheet and small stainless steel nails, which is soft and light in weight. The anti-skid sole is placed in the interlayer of the sole of sports shoes and integrated with the sole. For special purposes, such as ice and snow weather or mountaineering, pull down the pebas anti-skid button to expose the bottom anti-skid nail, which has the function of flexible anti-skid

in general use, the appearance is the same as that of outdoor sports shoes, but the function is significantly better than that of other ordinary products, which fills in the blank of single nail exposure of anti-skid shoes. 1n addition, the high-quality rubber sole with high wear resistance and bending resistance is not only anti-skid and wear-resistant, but also elastic, which can massage the sole to eliminate human fatigue

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