Zhu huisong: putting on “protective clothing” for workers

At about 12:30 on June 10, three workers were poisoned by methane when they were working in the well of Yongqing section of 109 National Highway in Yongning County, Ningxia. Two of them died on the spot and one survived due to timely rescue

in recent years, it is not uncommon for workers to encounter accidents when working in wells, and some even cause irreparable tragedies

the occurrence of the accident seems to be purely an accident, but on reflection, it is not so simple. There may be hidden dangers such as lack of oxygen and poisonous gas in such wells. 1f we do not take sufficient protective measures and carry corresponding equipment, we will undoubtedly face great danger when we go down the well “barehanded”, and accidents may become inevitable by chance

many of these workers are migrant workers, some of them are strong, but they often have low education level, and they seldom receive emergency education, lack of safety awareness and rescue skills, so they are prone to accidents. Does the employer provide special safety training for these workers before they go down the well? Are workers equipped with appropriate protective equipment to carry out necessary tests on the working environment? 1f not, it will undoubtedly put workers in danger

the so-called “human life is of vital importance”, it is better for functional departments to take precautions than to carry out investigation, investigate the responsibility and mend the situation after the accident. 1n view of the actual situation of some special posts, functional departments should issue more detailed and clear management regulations and implement them, such as requiring workers to receive systematic safety training before taking up their posts, and take up their posts with certificates after passing the examination. At the same time, the employer is required to do a good job in safety management, provide special protective equipment for workers, and ensure the correct use. Before the workers go down the well, they should test the working environment to be prepared

in this way, many measures should be taken to put on a strict “protective clothing” for workers to avoid accidents to the greatest extent

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